Cultural Bias in Interpreting Workshop

Recently one of our staff, Ana, attended the ‘Cultural Bias in Interpreting’ workshop which was organised by AUSIT and delivered by Dr. Wendy McIntosh, Dr. McIntosh has over 30 years’ experience as a health professional and is one of the best and most experienced trainers! The aim of this workshop was to help community interpreter’s deal with their cultural, religious, racial biases, etc., especially when it comes to interpreting in sensitive situations.

A few of the important key points discussed were: Cultural biases, cultural & societal norms, group and communication styles, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions, surface differences (food, clothes, language), underlying meaning interpreted, this impacts our life greatly affecting our wellbeing and is often the driving force behind our behaviour and reactions, consequences of culturally biased assumptions.

It is important to consider what factors influence our decisions and to avoid cultural bias. If this is not possible, acknowledge the presence of cultural bias and reflect on the impact it has on your relationships and do something healthy and positive with this.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences.To read more, please see the attached document