national costumesAbout Multilink

MultiLink provides community services to diverse communities. Multilink focusses on migrant, culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Our key services include settlement of new people into the community, comprehensive language support, help for aged and disability sectors, support for children, young people and families, and social engagement programs focussing on healthy lifestyles.

Our vision for the future combines practical programs with our values and mission.

Social Business

The enterprising chameleon program is designed to develop income streams to increase self-sustainability, releasing us from complete reliance on Government funding and becoming more responsive to community needs. Value Alignment – Creativity/Innovation

Increased Footprint

Multilink is open to ideas for change and actively seeks ways to think outside the box. We continuously challenge the way we see and do things. Value Alignment – Creativity/Innovation

Lobbying & Advocacy

Multilink staff display both a high intrinsic and extrinsic commitment value when it comes to our clients and will often go beyond obligatory requirement to ensure clients are treated with dignity and resepect in our community. Value Alignment – Commitment

Partnerships & Collaboration

Multilink has an extensive history of innovative, open, accountable and respectful partnerships and collaborations with Government, Non-Government organisation and private enterprise. Sharing resources and expertise, bringing our various strengths together and value adding to our joint endeavours across the communities and issues for which we strive. Value Alignment – Professionalism & Respect

The Chameleon concept

The Chameleon Concept structure at Multilink allows for cross-functional project operation and facilitates staff involvement by matching staff skills, knowledge, abilities or other competencies not relating to their job role to be utilised. This achieves both personal satisfaction and organisational productivity and quality gains. Value Alignment – Quality