Aged, Disability and Social Care

ADASC Aged and Disability Services supports frail aged people, people with a disability and their carers from diverse cultural, faith and linguistic backgrounds with a range of services required to assist them to continue living in their own home with confidence and dignity. Programs provided by ADASC include:

  • HACC Services (Home and Community Care)
  • Package Care
  • Day Respite Program
  • Overnight Respite House
  • Community Visitor’s Scheme

Home And Community Care (HACC) services include:

  • Domestic Assistance (In-home help with cleaning tasks, dishwashing, clothes washing, ironing, unaccompanied shopping and bill paying, meal preparation);
  • Personal Care (assistance with self care tasks such eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming);
  • Social Support (Support with accessing community activities such as friendly visiting, letter writing, accompanying client at shopping, an excursion or trip to a coffee shop);
  • In-Home Respite (providing a short term substitute carer to provide supervision and assistance to a caree which enables the carer to “take a break”);
  • Nursing (wound care, BSL, continence, monitoring of medication, palliative care, personal care);
  • Counselling, Support, Information & Advocacy
  • Transport (direct assistance to clients to get out of their house, do chores, other community activities and attend some appointments through our weekly group shopping program and individual transport support);
  • Client Care Coordination (less intensive form of case management ensuring links with support services through case workers and case coordination systems).

The Day Respite Program provides group care and activities for older frail people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Activities include:

  • Group activities Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-3pm
  • Culturally specific Day Respites
  • Transport to and from your home if required.
  • Information sessions on health, community and aging issues.
  • Low impact exercises
  • Cooking & computer workshops
  • Social bingo
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Morning Tea & Lunch
  • Monthly outings
  • Reflexology

Overnight Respite House Supporting Carer’s and Family Members

Respite care is an alternative care arrangement with the primary purpose of giving carers a short-term break from their usual caring role. Overnight Community Respite is a new initiative that provides carers with quality care for their care recipients who are frail with age. 24 hours care is provided to the care recipients by our professionally trained staff in a community home-like setting.

  • people with dementia;
  • people with dementia and challenging behaviour;
  • frail older people (65 years or over, or 50 and over if Indigenous);
Services available through the Overnight Respite House include:
  • Culturally appropriate meals and support
  • Support in a home like environment
  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate overnight and centre based day care for frail aged people and people with dementia
  • Transport to and from your home
  • Social support
  • Group outings

If you are seeking support please contact: MultiLink Community Service Overnight Respite on: 07 3412 7154 or Financial Support: Commonwealth Carelink and Respite Centre on: 1800 052 222

Community Visitor’s Scheme

This scheme enables volunteers to visit isolated residents in Aged Care facilities to provide friendship and support. Many of our CVS volunteers are existing staff of MCC and gladly give of their free time to continue supporting clients through this program